Interactive online drawing whiteboard

Interactive online drawing whiteboard
We paid attention to the details to make it enjoyable to use
fine-tuned for managers with AI
About MicroBoard
MicroBoard is an online drawing whiteboard. You can work on it with your team remotely. It is designed for managers but is suitable for everyone. Yes, there are many similar boards on the market, and some are good, but we paid special attention to the convenience of managers working with it. We will talk about these details later.
In 2020, due to the pandemic, people began to communicate via video calls en masse. If before you could approach a colleague in the office and discuss everything, now many people do it through video calls. For some, this is inconvenient because they have to explain things with gestures. Our board allows you to draw together, create diagrams, build plans so that everything is clear. Even if two people are drawing, dozens of others can watch.
Such boards are familiar to schoolchildren since they switched to online learning, and the teacher used similar online boards instead of the traditional chalkboard. Our board is universal: schoolchildren and others can also work with it, but it will be especially convenient for company managers.

collaborative whiteboard kanban
Linking strategy with tactics for managers
Every leader or manager, when carrying out a project, thinks it through in large blocks and then details it down to specific tasks. Task blocks can be roughly drawn on paper or envisioned in one's mind. Then each block is detailed down to specific tasks in a task manager and assigned to performers.
The connection between high-level planning and detailing down to individual tasks is something that is missing in popular task managers like Jira.
We suggest drawing the generalized task blocks not on paper but on our board and detailing them down to specific tasks right there. Our board can send these specific tasks to your task manager. As tasks are completed, their status will be displayed on the board, meaning there will be two-way communication between the board and the task manager.
This way, the manager can monitor the project's progress at different levels of detail on the board. You can look at the overall large blocks or go down to a specific task. And this is all done by simply zooming the board, not by exploring the project structure and delving into each branch.

collaborative whiteboard
Two-way integration with Jira
We know that over 60% of large companies work with the task manager Jira from Atlassian. Many managers work with Jira, but it lacks a good visual representation of the entire project scope. To simplify their work and enable visual display of projects at different levels of detail, we have set up integration with Jira. You have probably tried connectors from other online boards with Jira, and most likely, you didn't like them. In our integration, we considered the following points:
  • Two-way exchange of task statuses, allowing tracking statuses in one tool;
  • Displaying task names and descriptions as the board is zoomed in. This allows for detailing any project task.
  • Native handling of tasks on the board in the form of a mindmap or tree. Combining tasks into larger blocks, setting relationships between tasks.
whiteboard with jira integration
What else can a manager do on the whiteboard?
In addition to switching from the top level to the bottom level (from strategy to tactics), our board also offers many other features.
Working together with the team
The cursors of each user will be visible, allowing for simultaneous drawing on the board. Alternatively, you can watch the screen of the presenter. This is useful during:
  1. Brainstorming sessions
  2. Planning meetings
  3. Retrospective analysis
  4. Regular team calls
  5. Presentations
  6. PI Planning
Diagrams, tables, and templates for all occasions
There are also many templates for various tasks:
  1. MindMap
  2. Kanban
  3. Customer Journey Map
  4. User Story Map
  5. Roadmap
  6. Flowchart
  7. Concept Map
  8. Empathy Map
  9. Wireframing
  10. Customer Persona
  11. Service Blueprint
  12. Affinity Diagram
  13. Business Model Canvas
  14. Workflow
  15. Gantt Chart
  16. Online Sticky Notes
Formatting and styling
We have paid special attention to the convenience of text formatting and creating various shapes. With our tool, you can align text in just two clicks, set different colors for elements, and draw any shape. Also, when working remotely, it is important to be able to convey emotions, so we haven't forgotten about emojis😀
Task management and status tracking
We receive all data from your task tracker, and all comments on tasks are sent back to it.
Access control for different boards
You can fully configure access to different documents in accordance with the security policy of your company: from view-only access via a link to full board administration.
Create an infinite board
This way, you can visualize all the processes of your organization on a single board. It will not "lag" even if 1,000 people are working on it simultaneously.
Who else can benefit from this tool besides managers?
Agile teams
Conduct daily stand-ups, planning sessions, and sprint retrospectives. All with convenient integration with your task manager.
See the complete picture of the project, create mind maps, technical diagrams, and a knowledge base. All with convenient integration with your task manager.
Product managers
Build product roadmaps, CJMs, story maps, conduct brainstorming sessions, and gather feedback. All with convenient integration with your task manager.
Project managers
Visually manage your project and dive into the desired level of detail: from the top level to the bottom, from strategy to tactics. All with convenient integration with your task manager.
Salespeople, designers, marketers
Those who want to think visually, draw, and keep all information in one place. The board is infinite, after all.
For personal purposes
Simply when you need an advanced "Paint" in online mode.
Corporations and their security policies
MicroWhiteboard is also available as a plugin for well-known task managers like Jira, as we understand the pain of implementing third-party software and cloud solutions in corporations, which leads to additional issues and approvals. Everyone wants to keep their data in-house. That's why our solution comes as a plugin for Jira.

Unlike other solutions, we offer not only SAAS but also a stand-alone version of the online board. This way, your data will be securely protected under any circumstances.

You can use it for free during the first month. For teams of up to 10 people, it is also free. For larger teams, the price ranges from $2.5 to $0.1 per license, depending on the size of the company.
About the name MicroBoard
The name Microboard was born out of the idea to create a lightweight, embeddable board that can be used in a corporate environment as plugins for various systems. This is where the concept of Micro - an embeddable board - comes from. Whiteboard is a commonly used term for such services in English. Thus, MicroBoard was formed.
If you are interested in the paid version of MicroBoard, please submit a request below and we will provide you with all the information.